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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 29, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> a big nipper johns hopkins. my mouth hospitalized. this -- they open their new facility. a ban balls more than 50 feet into the bronx zoo. an investigation the figure out exactly what happened. -- a van falls. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the meeting. i'm kate amara. hundreds of johns hopkins patients are getting settled in to run that in the billions of dollar state of the art facility. sheldon dutes has more.
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>> this all pay doc. they were all transported to their new rooms and the new state of the art facility. >> i'm really excited. it feels like i'm a part of history. >> the new children's center at johns hopkins. she has been traveling to baltimore for chemo treatment and is excited for the new hospital. staff members are preparing to move patients to the new children's center, other employees are keeping watch at the command center. >> a group of people are watching each case and move from the old building to the new building. >> we're making sure that we know which routes they will be moving along. >> the new facility will have bigger and more quiet rooms.
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there will be brand new state of the art equipment. she's a deride in her new room and is happy. -- she safely arrived. >> i would not mind this as much staring at it all day because of how great it looks. >> facilities will be open to all patients next tuesday. reporting live in east baltimore, sheldon dutes, wbal- tv 11 news. >> three men, one of them a security guard coming stab at a party overnight in annapolis. it happened at about 1:00 a.m. at the elks lodge. the three men were apparently stabbed and emergency crews rushed them to shock trauma. they are in stable condition.
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there are two suspects and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> an absolute the gorgeous day. not quite so warm in new england. in new england is in the 50's but in the epoxy down south. it is coming up the mississippi river valley. the warm air will move in our direction tomorrow. we will not experience it right away, but this could help produce a share or two. we will talk about the forecast for the week ahead. typical spring weather coming our way. that is coming up. >> former students of the teacher convicted of rape say they plan to fight to keep him in jail. you may remember it federal judge ruled he had ineffective
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counsel back in 1985 and should be offered a 10-year plea deal. he was accused of molesting more than one dozen children and the charges were then dropped and he was convicted and sentenced to four life terms. a former guerrilla students say they're prepared to testify again -- a former group of students say they are prepared to testify again. the maryland attorney general may petition the u.s. supreme court after the maryland highest court struck down part of the law to allow police collect criminal evidence from suspects. they world collecting dna samples arrests -- amounts to an unreasonable search and seizure and is a violation of the fourth amendment. the attorney general disagrees with the ruling, a ruling law- enforcement calls "detrimental. another ruling has singled out at bowls in a decision late last-- singled out pit bulls.
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they say the owners will be liable for damages. in the past, they approve that they knew their dogs were dangerous. now, it they can do it the owner knew the dog was at least part pit bull, that would be sufficient to file a lawsuit. >> we feel really bad. the owner should be held accountable, but they went too far changing, a lot in maryland. >> opponents say it needs to be brede neutral. it-- breed neutral. it was the 17th annual march for the animals today. organizers say they were expecting 5000 animal lovers to show up and part of the event was a 1.5 mile walk ukathon. the yearly event is a fund-
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raiser to help support hamas animals in the baltimore community. -- homeless animals. a deadly afternoon in new york after a van loses control landfalls in side a zoo. we are tracking the late- breaking details. plus -- it was an evening of laughs and jabs in washington last night. the president even took some time to make fun of himself.
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>> seven people were killed the day after their van plunged more than 50 feet. they ranged in age 7-84.
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they did not land near any animal exhibits. they're trying to figure out what caused the car to lose control. a makeshift memorial has been put at the site of a tense collapse in st. louis when i went from a thunderstorm blew the 10th apart and sent metal poles, chairs, and debris everywhere. 17 people were hospitalized and five remained in serious condition. the red carpet rolled out in d.c. last night for the annual white house correspondents' dinner. it is the night when journalists, government officials, and politicians main goal. the headliner was president barack obama used his time to poke fun at the washington institution and politicians, including himself.
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>> four years ago, and looked like this. today a look like -- this. [laughter] four years from now, i will look like this. [laughter] [applause] that is not even funny. >> that actually is bunny. proceeds go to scholarships and awards for distinction in the profession. this week, a very special anniversary for pope john paul ii. -- to the events in rome. >> people sunshine today. this system not to the west will eventually play a role in our weather. that is coming up in the insta- weather + forecast.
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a nice day today down in the beach.
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>> the first anniversary of pope john paul ii's beatification is on tuesday. he served as head of the roman catholic church for 27 years. he died in 2005.
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at the vatican today, pope benedict ordained nine priests, eight of them will be for the diocese of rum and the ninth before vietnam. -- diocese of rome. >> today was just short of perfect. inner harbor, 71. we were just on target for the day. we were not near freezing or anything like that. .02 of rain at the airport that cleared up over night. it wound up just a gorgeous day. in nice evening this evening. one of the cooler spots around. cambridge, 63. chester town, 65. barton, 62. frederick still at 70 degrees
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this evening. a beautiful day today. let me expand the view. we have seen quite a contrast. in canada, 20's. 63 in new york city. down to the south in the carolina's, tenn., in the 70's and 80's. we do have a warming trend. when the warm air comes in, it has the tendency to try to make rain. that is happening to the west of us right now in illinois, wisconsin, iowa getting scattered showers and storms. the cold front is way to our south. this high pressure is giving us terrific weather. this frontal boundary will start moving north and the rain we see here comes something else will develop along the front and we may get a quick shower tomorrow.
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the upside is we will warm up eventually. clear tonight, east, northeast wind. in pennsylvania, cecil county, northern delaware and bought up into new jersey. nothing around the media baltimore metro area. tomorrow, maybe not as warm as today. a mix of clouds and a son, with an outside chance of a sprinkle or shower. i would not change your plants -- your plans. the push of warmer air could trigger spotty shower activity. 1 foot chop on the open waters of the bay. these coulds is the indicator of the rain coming in. maybe a spotty shower through monday. the higher chance for rain on
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tuesday and into wednesday. then periods of dry weather and rain again. midweek -- very unsettled. isoldated shower wednesday. 80 for the high, not bad. 30% on saturday and cooler. >> as john said, he could not have had a more perfect weather day. >> today, it was little lead today at the orioles day and they saw something very special. great defense, are works. but that's coming up in sports. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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>> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is a love and sports. >> 31,000 on hand at the orioles stadium continue to believe again including all of the little leaguers. a shot down the line to burst, mark reynolds stopping it. always an adventure with reynolds. tommy hunter on the mound today. oriole solo shot. 2-0 game. staying that way through th 9th. groudner to reynolds. bottom 9 -- adam jones. busts down the line. he can't make a throw.
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colon out of the game pulled for balfor. wieters. go ahead, matty. biggest bust in baseball. a 2-run double tied at 2. intentional walk. as tom hanks would say, "wilsoooon!" magic. >> we have a good crowd and a beautiful day like this. you really want them to enjoy the day and want them to come back and be a part of that again. that does not answer your initial question, but i do look at it like that. you want them to have some fun. it was a great day for the orioles. >> they put up runs again
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tonight. if they keep doing that, they picked it up tonight. >> four new ravens will be on wbal radio. reinventing an nfl offense is just fine. >> hopefully you have to reinvent yourself individually every year. assistant coaches, joe flacco, all of us. you have to reinvent yourself. as we come back together, that will be the first thing i say on monday at 10:00 that we will reinvent the opposite -- offense with new guys coming in. you have to really reinvent yourself every year. >> i think we will see something new. >> this offer and the perfect backdrop for the ninth inning rally in the women's final between the tigers and james
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madison. an assist on this one at john unitas stadium. a great dodge and shot -- tying the game at 5 buppies with eight minutes to play. olivia turner, her second goal of the day. moments later, and going to her left, tigers up 8-7. for the tie -- denied. the tourney mvp another save. towson is teh champ. another check of the forecast with f
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>> a tux and dress made out of duct tape. that is what this couple were in kansas. they say they took about 100 hours to make and cost $50. they can actually win a $5,000 scholarship as a part of a national that tape from -- duct tape competition. >> they were tailored beautifully. >> welle setting. >> outstanding. -- well fitting. >> the lowest chances for rain are the end of the week. right now, thursday and friday
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look dry. tuesday as the potential to be the wettest. we will be in the a.d.'s the middle of this week. >> you will be a popular guy. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. "dateline" is the next and we will see you back here again at 11.
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this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. >> maryland students reported 4700 counts of internet bullying, harassment, and intimidation. the consequences of cyber bullying have resounded nationwide resulting in harmful behavior. the white house endorsed a bill cosigned by congresswoman mikulski doing more to protect students from online attacks. it requires schools to have a code prohibiting the conduct as well as a reporting standard. it tied anti-bullying policies with funding to ensure compliance. 28% of children and teenagers are victims of this form of schoolyard hazing. curbing the culture of cyber harassment will require the joint efforts of school systems, parents come and teenagers. all must understand that the simple click of a mouse can have
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a long-lasting effect on another person. maryland is one of 45 states with a clearly defined policy so lawmakers can do their part. prevention and intervention are the net steps to provide basic on-line environment. for more,, and click on "hot topics." [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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